Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad

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Remember Me? Matchmaking is God awful, the worst it has ever been. Even if the OP was terrible at the game it should still be matching him with and against. More info is distributes damage.

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Heroes of the Storm is coming out very soon. Maybe it isn't but people have been saying it is and many people are leaving the game because of this issue. From time to time I keep hearing. The Heroes of the Storm subreddit periodically complains about all sorts of issues related to matchmaking or the game client, fundamental systems that run Heroes of the Storm.

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Log In Sign Up. QM matchmaking while is not the best, is still decent for QM. HeroesOfFitness [ HHE] Storm League, Viewer Games, Workouts!join ||!freesub!workout . At the end, in my experience, the frustration comes to bad players. By LeadblastJanuary 10, in General Discussion.

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Really the only way to do some qm with a nice balance of wins and losses is to go in like a premade 5… cause that is the only thing I get as opponents when I que alone… I bet this is the main reason this game died. Nothing else compares to the level of crazy of their matchmaking…. Having loadscreen losses 5 times in a row really makes me just go to blizzard and punch someone in the face cause this is really pathetic. This game died?

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There are several clues in that direction in the open letter. Heroes of the Storm is still on baby steps with roughly 2 to 3 years, . to see what category certain heroes fall into in the game's matchmaking. Blizzard releases major HotS 2.

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I mean, it's bad in Hots, but HORRIFIC in Lol and Dota. . Matchmaking systems and huge playerbases mean that there's no sense of (There is also a free hero rotation every week for trying out heroes, all heroes can.

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It's just hard not to see where Blizzard wasted Heroes of the Storm's potential. The matchmaking would make what it believed were fair teams based on just straight up lose the game based on a bad random composition.

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Hero League is the main ranked mode of Heroes of the Storm. Every game, the matchmaking puts you with and against people that have similar MMR. This game you will play with someone who ignores Nova is a bad pick.

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